04 Our responsabilites

Our societies are an ISO 9001-2000 certified international buying house. 

Our teamwork is divided into 3 parts: Merchandising, Quality Assurance and Logistics. Tuning ourselves to the buyers way of working gives us the advantage of shorter deliveries and tighter control over quality. We undertake 3 differing roles with our customers:

  1. Production office: acting as a defacto liaison office.
  2. Buying office/agent: representing, buying and controlling the processes on behalf of our customers.
  3. Supplier, where few customers prefer a 1 stop shop (purchase orders, LC’s opened on FWPL and all responsibility taken care of)

An established and satisfied work environment within the company results in a stronger relationship with our buyers and vendors, upgrading the product quality as well as reaching a high bench mark.

Our objective: Having the maximum control over the production process in order to minimize the possible errors and delays.

Merchandising team: Responsible for all communication, sourcing and production follow up. The responsibility to estimate the capacity and space in each factory for production.A sub division of merchandising service is the product development team that helps in sending inspiration and fabric presentations along with sample development to our customers.

Quality Assurance team: Responsible for sample analysis and time and motion studies. Checking all the proto samples and size sets, conducting : Pilot run / In lines / Mid Inspection / Final Inspections.

Fabric and Garment Testing:
 FWPL ‘s in-house along with nominated labs – SGS India and TEXAN LAB, for testing each and every fabric / garment before bulk cutting/manufacturing. We provide a personal service for each buyer’s own standards

Compliance Issues: We carry out stringent and regular inspections, ensuring that our supplier maintain agreed upon requirements, such as: No Child Labour, Health & Safety equipment, environmental waste management, awareness and follow-up of Human rights.

Shipping and Logistics team:
 Responsible for ensuring all documents are couriered from our office prior to shipping, facilitating the buyer to obtain the Import licenses.