The founder: Francis Wacziarg

Alumnus of the Ecole Superieur de Commerce de Paris (ESCP), One of the three leading business schools in France, Francis Wacziarg came to India in 1970. Initially, he was commercial attache at the French embassy in Bombay, subsequently, he headed the representative office of the Banque National de Paris (BNP) in New Delhi, where his role comprised of giving advise to foreign investors wishing to find Indian partners or to develop business schemes in India in 1978, with the vast experience gained in the preceding years, and aware of the market potential for export from India, he created the Francis Wacziarg Buying Agency. The Bangalore, Tirupur and Mumbai offices of the Francis Wacziarg Company were created almost simultaneously between 1987 and 1989 with one employee each in 1987 to essentially source garments from the various cities for clients who were interested in buying woven & knitted garments from India.




After moving back to india with her family, his Mumbai born daughter Priya Wacziarg, has taken over the business in 2014. PHD in philology, master in mathematics and master in opera singing have given her a rich education. She follows the same philosophy as her father and has developped her inbuild respect of the human being, regards to the customers, the employees and the partners. Thirty years spent in Europe has brought her the highest references in exigency and insure the customers the ethic which has been the sucessfull key of the group for the last four decades.

To incorporate: Francis Wacziarg 1978, FAPL: 03/08/1988, FWPL: 25/09/1992, FWAPL: 26/02/1998, FWFPL: 05/02/2010